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CCP MTO-approved products

CCP has been approved by Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation (MTO) through the Road Authority for over 15 years.  Since that time, we have supplied many contractors for projects large and small all across the province. All shop drawings are submitted with a PEO stamp. We keep stock of completed type 1 and type 3 supply control cabinets for fast turnaround for rush jobs. 

CCP’s largest MTO project to date was for the Windsor Essex Parkway Project, where we supplied 45+ power supply cabinets, 40+ type 1 supply control cabinets, 4 distribution assemblies and 10 PDAs.

Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has approved CCP as a supplier of several products, including:

Supply control cabinets (types 1, 2 and 3): These cabinets house control systems and equipment related to traffic management and transportation infrastructure. They are crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of transportation systems. Some key components and applications of supply control cabinets in the context of transportation include:

Traffic signal control: Supply control cabinets often house the control units for traffic signals at intersections. These control units manage the timing and sequencing of traffic lights to control the flow of vehicles and pedestrians.

Roadway lighting control: They may also include equipment for controlling and monitoring roadway lighting, including streetlights and traffic sign illumination.

Communications equipment: Supply control cabinets can contain communication equipment that allows for remote monitoring and management of transportation infrastructure. This may involve network connectivity for real-time data exchange with central control centers.

Power distribution: These cabinets typically include power distribution components, such as circuit breakers and power supply units, to ensure a stable and reliable power source for traffic signals and related equipment.

Environmental controls: In regions with extreme weather conditions, supply control cabinets may incorporate heating, cooling, or insulation systems to protect the sensitive electronic components from temperature extremes and humidity.

Data collection sensors: Some cabinets may be equipped with sensors and data collection devices to monitor traffic conditions and provide data for traffic management and planning.

Emergency backup systems: To ensure the continuous operation of critical transportation systems, supply control cabinets may have backup power systems, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), to keep traffic signals functioning during power outages.

Remote control and monitoring: Modern supply control cabinets often have remote access capabilities, allowing transportation agencies to adjust traffic signal timings and monitor equipment status from a central location, enhancing responsiveness to traffic conditions and incidents.

Traffic management and optimization: These cabinets play a vital role in traffic management and optimization, helping to reduce congestion, improve safety, and enhance the overall efficiency of transportation networks.

Power distribution assemblies: Power distribution assemblies are electrical devices or systems used to distribute electrical power from a primary source to multiple secondary sources or loads in various applications. These assemblies are commonly used in situations where multiple electrical devices and equipment need a stable and organized power supply. Power distribution assemblies play a crucial role in managing and controlling electrical distribution to ensure safety, reliability, and efficient power delivery.

Power supply cabinets: (5KVA 10KVA 15KVA 25KVA): Power supply cabinets are protective enclosures designed to house power supplies to ensure their safety, security, and proper operation. These cabinets are used to organize and protect electrical systems, reduce the risk of electrical hazards, and provide a controlled environment for sensitive equipment. Power supply cabinets can vary widely in size, design, and purpose, depending on the specific application.

CCP MTO-approved products

CCP’s largest MTO project to date was for the Windsor Essex Parkway Project, where we supplied:

  • 45+ power supply cabinets
  • 40+ type 1 supply control cabinets
  • 4 distribution assemblies
  • 10 PDAs

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