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Control Panels

It’s in the name. It’s what we do. No job is too big, no job is too small


ISO 9001:2015, CSA 22.2 & UL 508A Certified panel shop, Hazardous locations & ESA or CE. We have all your QA bases covered


Engineering resources, or PLC programming. We can assist with whatever project requirements you may have

About us

Custom Control Panels Inc. (CCP) is a manufacturer of customer/project driven Electric, Electronic and Pneumatic Control Panels. Established in 1960, CCP has successfully developed an industry reputation for quality workmanship that we are very proud of and work every day to protect and build upon.

Our Project Managers/Engineers have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure the highest quality standards are attained on each and every project we undertake.

We have no inherent product allegiances and can offer complete component flexibility to provide you a panel to match your existing hardware platform, and spare parts inventory. CCP has developed excellent long standing relationships with all major suppliers, enabling us to provide improved access to specialist technical support and volume discounts on material.

At CCP we pride ourselves in the diversity of our clientele and the variety of controls we manufacture.


Or if you have a long term, multi-year, multi panel project. We can work with you on payment structure, scheduling requirements, testing capabilities and storage to make your project run smoothly.


If your requirements are for a one-time, one-off custom panel


We have extensive experience in being the sole provider of controls for machine builders and companies looking to outsource their controls requirements. We can offer our partners cost savings, payment structure options, material stocking capabilities, quick turnaround on scheduled orders and component flexibility.

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