Control Panels

The following is a sampling only of some of the variety of panels we have completed. With 60+ years in the business, we’ve worked in virtually every industry and built panels of all types and configurations. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor an approach to suit your needs, whatever they are.

Custom Control Panels

At CCP we pride ourselves in the diversity of our clientele and the variety of controls we manufacture.


Or if you have a long term, multi-year, multi panel project. We can work with you on payment structure, scheduling requirements, testing capabilities and storage to make your project run smoothly.


If your requirements are for a one-time, one-off custom panel


We have extensive experience in being the sole provider of controls for machine builders and companies looking to outsource their controls requirements. We can offer our partners cost savings, payment structure options, material stocking capabilities, quick turnaround on scheduled orders and component flexibility.

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