Custom Control Panels Inc.

01 ABB

Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) manufactures Transformers ranging from 20 mVA to 200mVA complete with controls. In 2001, they decided to outsource the control panels and Custom Control Panels was chosen after...  MORE  >

03 Candu

CCP has a long standing history with Candu Energy (formerly AECL) stretching back over 20 years and many different projects. We have supplied equipment to many NPP’s including Wolsong, Quinshan...  MORE  >

05 Hydro One

Custom Control Panels Inc. has been providing Protection, Control & SCADA Systems for Hydro One (formerly known as Ontario Hydro) for the past 32 years.  MORE  >

07 Petro-Techna

This project included 6 identical Allen Bradley PLC control panels for a Hot Oil Control System for an end user overseas in the Middle East.   MORE  >

09 ReAct Technologies

ReAct Technologies is a consulting engineering & systems integrator, specializing in providing solutions to the aerospace and automotive industries R&D sectors.  MORE  >

11 Siemens

Siemens manufactures electrical motors, both induction and synchronous, worldwide with voltages ranging from 2.3kv to 13.8kv in both 50hz and 60hz.  MORE  >

13 Technel Engineering

The custom designed stainless steel consoles for Technel Engineering provides a stable pneumatic source of pressure and vacuum from 5,000 psi to -200 micro of vacuum for nuclear generating stations.  MORE  >

15 Ministry of Transportation

CCP is approved through the Road Authority as a supplier of: Supply Control Cabinets (Type 1, Type 2 & Type 3), Distribution Assemblies, Power Supply Cabinets (5KVA, 10KVA, 15KVA & 25KVA) and Electrical PDA Supplies.   MORE  >

02 Automotive

For fifty years CCP has been a valued supplier to all the automotive assembly plants in southern Ontario. These include Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and CAMI.  MORE  >

04 GO Transit

GO Transit has been a valued client of CCP for over 20 yrs. Our current work is a multi-year contract to provide the control panels for both new and renovated Layover Facilities as part of GO’s expansion program.   MORE  >

06 Johnson Controls Ltd.

CCP worked as a sub-contractor to Johnson Control Ltd. to provide HVAC control panels for the new Darlington Retube Waste Processing Building...   MORE  >

08 K. Dyck Enterprises

Load Banks have been provided for the Ontario Ministry of Government Services Data Centre, Hewlett Packard Data Centre, Kingston Police Station, TD Bank and CIBC.   MORE  >

10 Red-D-Arc

Red-D-Arc rents and leases welders, welding positioners, weld positioning equipment, distribution centres and electric power generators – anywhere in the world.   MORE  >

12 Suncor & Esso

PLC and Load Rack control panels are used to control and monitor the loading and offloading of trucks, rail cars, and marine barges at bulk petroleum facilities.   MORE  >

14 Turbine Controls Ltd.

These control systems have been installed at Pickering B and Bruce B NPP, with Bruce A to follow. For these projects, QA requirements were very high, with extensive documentation and verification at every stage of the build.   MORE  >