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11 Siemens

Siemens manufactures electrical motors, both induction and synchronous, worldwide with voltages ranging from 2.3kv to 13.8kv in both 50hz and 60hz.  The special applications that utilize Siemens motors are the hazardous environments of the gas and oil industry, mining, petrochemical, air separation, water/wastewater, and marine to name a few.

Customer specifications often require Surge Suppression in the Main Terminal Box, consisting of Surge Arrestors and Surge Capacitors along with differential protection for their motors.  Other customer requirements include the installation of the Iris partial discharge monitoring system. 

“Custom Control Panels custom-fabricated enclosures, and completely assembled cabinets suit the requirements of Siemens extremely well.  The quality, attention to detail, and customer care all add to the professional experience of working with Custom Control Panels.  The items just listed and many more make Custom Control Panels our first and only choice for custom designed panels and enclosures.”
- Siemens USA

Siemens project photos