Custom Control Panels Inc.

At CCP we pride ourselves in the diversity of our clientele and the variety of controls we manufacture.

Custom Projects

If your requirements are for a one-time, one-off custom panel, we are excited and eager to tackle challenges the next job is surely to bring. Our experience is wide ranging, from Motor Starter panels, to PLC panels, to Operator Consoles, to Relay and Power Distribution panels, to Process Control panels and Load Banks. Successfully completing something unique for a satisfied customer brings a rewarding feeling that energizes us into our next project.

Long Term Projects

50 years in the same place is a long time. One of the benefits of this longevity has been our ability to take on long term, multi-year, multi panel projects. We can work with you on payment structure, scheduling requirements, testing capabilities and storage to make your project run smoothly.

Batch Assembly

We have extensive experience in being the sole provider of controls for machine builders and companies looking to outsource their controls requirements. We are always interested in speaking to potential customers about their outsourcing needs. Through these avenues we can offer our partners cost savings, payment structure options, material stocking capabilities, quick turnaround on scheduled orders and component flexibility. If a control panel is an ancillary part of your product allow us to do what we do best and allow you to free up additional resources to focus on what you do best. High volume or simply one or two at a time, we would be happy to work together to tailor a program to meet your needs.